My name is Anthony Gartner and this web page is a blend of my personal, family, and business information.

I have a young boy who was born in Sept of 2005 and is very much like his daddy. I have been married for almost 18 years to my wife Heidi. We all currently live in Virginia Beach.

I have interests in the following:

  • My son Christopher
  • Wife Heidi
  • Work (yeah it really is interesting)
  • Bicycling with Fat Frogs
  • Recording a podcast called Securabit
  • Listening to Podcasts
  • Being a guest on other peoples podcasts
I have recently become involved in a local group for the New Media Conventions. New Media Conventions is an exciting day that brings together professionals from many industries to discuss and learn about social media networking and new media tactics. Come learn the right way to achieve success with your business from many of the experts that live in social media today at this how-to event.

Various podcasts i have been on:

  • I Co-Host one called SecuraBit. The show is now 50 epispodes!!!
  • Iamthekiller I have Co-Hosted on this show as well.
  • SMB Minute I have done guest spots. This is a great podcast for Management .
  • International Mac Podcast I have been a guest on several times. Want to bet it is a Mac centric podcast!
  • invited SecuraBit to visit one night and help co-host the show