Sorry, It has been a while

Sorry has been so long, I have been neglecting this site and for that i apologize. i am going to do my best to keep up with it a bit more. I am looking at possibly turning this into mainly a blog for my own purposes. if you think that is the way to go let me know.

Returned From Vacation

Went on a 10 day out of town trip. Went to Connecticut to drop of my wife and sun with her family then i continued on for 5 days of work in Elsworth Maine. Both were a lot of fun. Picture will likely be added from the trip.

Strawberry Fest was a lot fun

On Sunday we went to the Strawberry Fest and had a blast. Christopher was big enough to ride most of the kiddie rides all by himself. He is quite the daredevil. He loves the rides and rode on race cars and apples as well as went on the bungie jump for kids. Had a BLAST I have pictures of the day in the family photos section.

Rently updated the web site

What do you think of the design